Our Team

Ordinarily in this section you would expect to read about each team member’s greatest career achievements to date. But we like to let our work and our clients speak for us. Instead we want to use this space to give you a feel of what it would be like to work with us.

Collectively we have an insane obsession with food. We even named our mascot ‘Burrito’.

  • Kev no less than twice a year adopts a health craze. Lately it’s drinking Matcha green tea… mmm!
  • Damian believes no meal is complete without dessert. Breakfast is the exception… he just has two instead.
  • Juls can be found in a fancy restaurant at least every other day putting into practice Damian’s belief.
  • Paula is the sensible one but is often browbeaten into the madness. She loves travelling home to Vigo for fresh homegrown fruit and vegetables.
  • Stevie enjoys a good club sandwich and the “occasional” beer at the weekend.

A typical day at Traffick starts with a healthy breakfast of porridge or on those not so healthy days a sausage and bacon bap. This fuels our imagination and efficiency for the morning.

Lunch discussions start around 10.30am when we literately pour through an array of menus, willing ourselves to be healthy-ish. Lunch can range from a hearty sandwich to a three course meal at one of the many restaurants only a stone’s throw away from our city centre office.

Nourished, it’s heads down again and the office is hard at work (you can tell when the earphones go in). On Fridays we share our varied tastes in music with our neighbours – any requests?

Come 3 o’clock we’ll raid the well stocked cupboard filled with all sorts of delights. Need to maintain sugar levels to keep productivity high.

On a “be good month” we will engage in 10 minutes of exercise. This office has seen many a 30-day challenge, from planks to press ups. This year we completed the Marathon relay when we came in just under 4 hours. Not bad for one injury, one hangover and one non-runner who only trained twice beforehand.

Must be all the good food, music and exercise that feeds the excellent work we do for our clients.
Can we interest you in a spot of lunch?